Svitlana Kramar
Data Scientist
Data Science
Embeddable Ai
Machine Learning

I’m a passionate data science educator whose goal is to learn by teaching innovative data science tools that can improve our day-to-day tasks and our quality of life. My interests are in Natural Language Processing: text classification, summarization, and generation. Research can take a long time because there are a lot of resources and new opinions posted every day. Having tools to summarize and extract the information can save a lot of time. I hope we can all learn, approve, and apply the data science tools to cut down on the repetitive and tedious tasks, to make more informed decisions in life, to differentiate fake from real, and to open communication spaces to language-diverse or hearing-impaired audiences. The applications are limitless! My personality: I am a foodie and I love cooking and learning different cuisines. I also love travelling and connecting with people by learning a little bit of their language, about their food and music. I hold Data Science and Analytics master’s degree, specializing in Machine Learning, from University of Calgary.

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